Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It takes a lot these days to really capture my attention. I recieve a handful of submissions every week from bands wanting reviews. I would say 99% of them are really killer bands and deserve reviews and press. But there is that 1% that catch me asking myself "Why has it taken so long for me to find these guys?!?" Ire Clad is one of these bands.

These guys have more energy and grit and grime that once you hear them, you are instantly addicted. It's like smoking crack the first time, you immediately want more. Or so I'm told.

I was asked to review their 2012 EP but they also have a few demos posted so I'm taking the liberty to reviewing everything they have posted. Simply put, just a EP was not enough! I really dig the New York grit they put into each song. They are dirty, noisy, catchy, and heavy as fuck.

I'm going to start with their 2013 demos. Songs titled "God of War", "Sinnerstone", "Blindside", and "Feeds on Them". All for which I can see are demos they recorded throughout 2013. All which race through the speakers and into your inner lobes like a brain eating parasite that, once done consuming the contents of ones brain, spontaneously implode leaving you wondering 'what the fuck was that?!".

The next batch of songs I believe come from their (I'm going to assume here) self titled 2012 EP. All which contain the same grit and grime that only a New York band could deliver. "Force It Down" begins with a a groove that grabs you and sucks you straight into the pit. 

The tone of the guitars sounds amazing. Dirty and loud! The vocals are gritty and demanding and the rhythm is a controlled chaos. Their musicianship is greatly displayed throughout the entire collection of songs.

"In Your Face" is incredibly moshable. This one seems like it would be really fun to play live. It's cool to see that bands like Ire Clad can pull off instrumentals with the same energy as the rest of their tunes. "Sidestep" trows in some diversity and amazing sounding slides. 

"Overture in Hell Minor" once again shows off their ability to pull off something unexpected. A great way to end a great EP. 

Ire Clad have plans on recording and releasing new music this year and if any of this is a prelude to that madness it shall be nothing less than incredible. This band is on my 'ones to watch in 2014" list. Check out the links below, listen to all of their songs and show them some support by sharing, buying, and following their madness. 

5 Stars! 

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